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Commencement of business

The companies registered after November 2018 are required to file form INC-20A and obtain a certificate of commencement of business within 180 days of incorporation of the company.

This is a mandatory filing which is required to be made by the company. If not filed, the company shall be liable for a penalty of Rs 50,000 and Rs 1000 per day for every officer in default aggregating upto Rs 1,00,000.

However, in the case of a company pursuing objects requiring registration or approval from any sectoral regulators such as the Reserve Bank of India, Securities and Exchange Board of India, etc., the registration or approval, as the case may be from such regulator shall also be obtained and attached with the declaration.



2000 Monthly
  • Filing of Form 20A for capital upto ₹ 25 lakh


  • Filing form 20A for capital above ₹50 Lakh


2500 Monthly
  • Filing of Form 20A for capital upto ₹ 50 lakh

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