Reach unprecidented heights by focussing on your business while our experts take care of your compliance requirements. 

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  Have solutions to unresolved problems?                                             Let us take care of your legal hassles while you focus on your business. We will help you select appropriate organisation form, structure, draft deeds, file returns/forms with appropriate authorities, maintain your books of accounts and report your financial performance. Our packages start from Rs 8000.

Create a separate legal entity for your business. Key features of a Private Limited Company included a limited liability of the shareholders, easy transfer and transmission of shares, etc. Get your business up and running with packages starting at Rs 7000.


Ride the Lion of growth by investing directly or indirectly by setting up a subsidiary in India! Get all the compliance requirements of your subsidiary taken care of by experts at packages starting $700.

Are you an NRI looking for selling / purchasing property. Concerned about return filings, FEMA and other compliances? Outsource all your worries to us at packages starting from $300.

LLP offers benefits of limiting the liability of partners just like a private limited company and ease and convenience of a partnership firm get best of both worlds at packages starting from Rs 6000.

OPC offers the benefits of sole proprietorship with limited liability of the business owner. Start your business with packages starting at Rs 7000.

Have two or more partners to run a business? Get your partnership deed, PAN and TAN registrations starting from Rs 1600.

Have a family business? Form an HUF and continue with your business at packages starting from Rs 4000.

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